• Mario of Two Bulls

    Mario of the short film Two Bulls.


    Director: Ricardo Ultreras

    Production Co.: Wolfgang Bodison

  • Character from The Vaccine

    A character from the film The Vaccine.


    Director: Robin Phillips

    Production Co.: Adam Nelson

  • The Creature of 12 Feet

    Makeup Design by Kelsey Boutte. Application by me and Kelsey.


    Director: Rob Himebaugh

  • Platform work with Nelly Recchia at IMATS 2009

    MAKEUP AND BODY ART BY NELLY RECCHIA. This was a platform demonstration done at IMATS Los Angeles 2009 for the Cinema Makeup School Booth. I assisted Nelly by applying the prosthetic head piece. The final photo is not photo shopped.


    Director: Nelly Recchia

    Production Co.: Cinema Makeup School

  • Head Shot of Dante the Thug from "Palm County"

    This is a head shot from the film Palm County. The Character was being beaten for information.


    Director: Nick Erickson

  • Prosthetics demo for ComicCon

    This was a demo for the Cinema Makeup School booth at the 2009 ComicCon. The appliance was sculpted and ran by Miyo Nakamura and Tomo Hayashi. Application and coloring by me and Christopher Hernandez.


    Director: Lee Joyner

  • Broken Doll Character with Full Prosthetics

    This is one of the Characters I have created. It is a full face and neck appliance, with a separate mouth and chin piece. There were two wrist pieces that I sculpted and applied as well.


    Model: Aya Ito

  • Prosthetic piece inspired by Warriors

    This is a piece that I created from start to finish, including sculpting, mold making, and running of foam latex for the piece. I was inspired by photos of Maori warriors but I wanted to give it a twist so instead of painting a traditional face tattoo, I gave the piece some scarification.


    Model: Mandy Villareal

  • Beaten Thug from TV Pilot "Killing Montgomery"

    Makeup done by me and Magan Michele. The black eye is a prosthetic appliance, the rest of the makeup is cream paints, liquid blood and gel blood.


    Director: Mauricio Munoz

  • Vinyl Bald Cap Application

    Vinyl bald cap application.


    Model: Mandy Villareal

  • Blistering and 2nd Degree Burns

    Test application of 2nd degree burns with blistering. I used 3-D gel effects and grease paints.


    Model: Christopher Hernandez

  • Two Face makeup using 3-D gel effects

    This was an independent test. MUA Mayera Abeita and I used 3-D gel effects, liquid latex, tissue, stage blood, alcohol colors, and stage "dirt" to recreate this two-face look.


    Model: Mayera Abeita